• Damul Jadiid: The Much Ignored Culprit in the Somali Crisis.

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    Looking back at the last one year and few months, what’s striking is how wrong all observers were about future political developments in Somalia. The current Somali government has failed politically and it is a self-inflicted crisis. This might not be revelatory rather a reinforcing assertion. The tragedy is though the most organised forces in today’s Somalia are both covert sects and secret cliques than openly structured political groups with transparent political agendas. It is not encouraging at all to learn that Damul Jadiid in Mogadishu and Amniyat within Al-Shabaab have preponderant positions at both ends.

    Last Updated on Thursday, 14 November 2013 17:45
  • Contemplating Africa’s Position on Syria

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    Charless Obiang

    What has been sorely lacking so far is the African Union’s/AUs/ will to take up a clear position. It might seem a hard choice, but the AU can’t stay silent on an issue crucially important to international law and security. Given the specific context, anything that encourages military action should have been taken for reasons largely divorced from the interests of the Syrian people. The only thing that makes no sense, unfortunately, is the attempt to resolve the crisis through more bloodshed and violence.

    Last Updated on Friday, 20 September 2013 17:55
  • The US and China: Reality Check for Africa

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    Goerge Okumu

    The policy is aided by the argument that China will have several confrontations, despite its rising economic, political, and military power, causing a sharp rift between China and developing countries and many of its neighbours, not to mention the ‘new welcome’ being shown to the United States in Asia. Nowhere in the world is the foreign-policy focus of two competing powers better contrasted than in the African continent.

    Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 August 2013 09:33
  • What about Chinese Policy?

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    Africa now plays the same role for China, as North American colonies did for Great Britain in the 17th to the 19th centuries. Military developments since 2008 demonstrate China’s growing willingness to secure its economic interests in Africa.  I remember reading in this site that Africa is critical to the graduation of the PRC into a global power.  I can’t state it any better except to be more blunt. China’s development assistance observes the same principles it did in the 1960s, but the tactics have broadened. One wonders if China’s current forays into Africa aren’t similarly narcissistic. For full text go the blog http://www.currentanalyst.com/blog/?p=117


  • US Predators in Africa: A Disturbing Phenomenon

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    Derrick Kitiku

    Of the most disturbing military developments in Africa- the salient arms race among African countries and the near purchase of damaged strategic military equipment from China- none is more troubling than the stealth expansion of US drone bases. The idea that more drone bases and UAV operations should be expanded to fight al-Qaida is a perversion of the war on terror. This subtle yet insidious aspect of airspace security and evolving military equation will eventually cause incalculable injury to overall defense system of African states.  The short term effects of this menacing development may look so subtle that it will largely go unnoticed until it is too late to reverse its long-term consequences. For full text go the blog http://www.currentanalyst.com/blog/?p=108

    Last Updated on Tuesday, 05 February 2013 11:50

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