• It wasn’t a Coup – Salva Kiir shot himself in the foot

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    By: Peter Adwok Nyaba, JUBA,

    President Salva has been planning to forestall any democratic reforms in and institutionalization of power relations in the SPLM soon after July 23rd when he dissolved the cabinet and dismissed Riek Machar.

    Last Updated on Monday, 23 December 2013 20:53
  • Terrorism and Western Policy in Africa: The Mixed Truth

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    Ahmed Gebweyni

    The US will not be offering support until most African countries facing the threat give legislative and security concessions demanded by the Pentagon. The politics of the war on terror as pursued by Western powers of course have little to do with countering the threat. Glued with geopolitics and resource exploitation it has in turn become a threat to the economic and political security of several African countries.

    Last Updated on Monday, 09 December 2013 20:55
  • My Take on the Westgate Attack

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    To anyone who has been following the al-Shaabab-Kenya axis, it was almost a foregone conclusion that such an attack would sooner or later hit some targets in the country. Most of the Islamist funding for al-Shaabab over the last couple of years could be traced to the Somali business community in Kenya. Moreover, there is an extremist branch attached to al-Shabaab in Kenya. In such a precondition one rarely goes wrong in expecting the worst. 

    Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 November 2013 20:39
  • Wrong and Dangerous: Silence over Afghan Drugs in Eastern Africa

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    A less recognised drug flow affects Eastern Africa: heroin, produced from Afghan opium, and trafficked through Pakistan and Iran. The first of several remarkable seizures in the region was made in March 2010. There is significant concern that money earned from this trade might be used to finance terrorist activity in the region. This will put immense pressure not only on the countries emerging from conflict but also those aspiring to build strong economies. One of the great dangers for the sub-region will be continuing ignorance and neglect of what is happening. The problem is grave and it deserves serious consideration from the United Nations. 

    Last Updated on Friday, 22 November 2013 20:34
  • Saudi Arabia: A Devil’s Chaplain in the Syrian War.

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    While the world talks about a negotiated settlement, the Saudis increase military support and drum up regime change. This is to say the least a devastating blow to all Syrians and the future of the country. A negotiated peace may well be the best way to avoid a complete collapse of the Syrian state. Mindful of the disastrous precedent of Iraq, even many die-hard Assad opponents hope the basic structure of the state will remain intact, though without Assad and his senior lieutenants. A negotiated peace would also provide a chance of ensuring the security of all Syrians, without regard to the sectarian animosities now dividing the country. The Saudis wouldn’t care. As always their dogged insistence on violence and regime change is jeopardizing regional peace and stability.

    Well,I couldn't agree more. Who did say Saudi Arabia is the most irresponsible country,with the most irresponsible foreign policy and the most irresponsible leadership around? To read the full text go to the blog http://www.currentanalyst.com/blog/?p=124

    Last Updated on Sunday, 17 November 2013 19:10

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