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The growing influence of Salafist groups and ideology in Africa is fast becoming the uppermost peace and security agenda at both academic and policy levels. The recurring theme of the currentanalyst has been that as much as there has been an internal fertile ground for radicalization, the ideological roots and financial backing of violent extremist groups lie outside the region. Given the external as well as internal drivers to radicalization and the rise of Salafist groups one would highlight the imperative of addressing the challenge at both levels.

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U.N. to Probe Whether Iconic Secretary-General Was Assassinated http://www.currentanalyst.com/index.php/revealed/233-un-to-probe-whether-iconic-secretary-general-was-assassinated http://www.currentanalyst.com/index.php/revealed/233-un-to-probe-whether-iconic-secretary-general-was-assassinated

Colum Lynch 

Newly­ discovered documents revive claim that Dag Hammarskjold may have been killed by South African agents backed by the CIA. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki­-moon will propose reopening an inquiry into allegations that Dag Hammarskjold, one of the most revered secretaries-general in the organization’s history, was assassinated by an apartheid-era South African paramilitary organization that was backed by the CIA, British intelligence, and a Belgian mining company, according to several officials familiar with the case.

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The evil empire of Saudi Arabia is the West’s real Enemy http://www.currentanalyst.com/index.php/opeds/231-the-evil-empire-of-saudi-arabia-is-the-wests-real-enemy http://www.currentanalyst.com/index.php/opeds/231-the-evil-empire-of-saudi-arabia-is-the-wests-real-enemy

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Saudis are active at every level of the terror chain: planners to financiers, cadres to foot soldiers, ideologists to cheerleaders. When did I last heard about this?

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Hassan al-Turabi: A Political Autopsy http://www.currentanalyst.com/index.php/opeds/230--hassan-al-turabi-a-political-autopsy- http://www.currentanalyst.com/index.php/opeds/230--hassan-al-turabi-a-political-autopsy-

With all the turmoil, fluidity, and fluctuations of Sudanese politics since independence, one thing remained constant i.e. Hassan al-Turabi. Some assert that Turabi was a master of staying on top of the shifting coalitions of Sudanese politics. He led decades- long Islamist movement, saw and took the chance to seize power and use the state for a comprehensive transformation of Sudanese society. Whether one proceeds with a remorse or a closure it goes without saying that Hassan al-Turabi was a mastermind who left his mark on everything he touched about political Islam in Africa.

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The Long Game of the Saudis and Ethiopia. http://www.currentanalyst.com/index.php/conflictsregional/227-the-long-game-of-the-saudis-and-ethiopia http://www.currentanalyst.com/index.php/conflictsregional/227-the-long-game-of-the-saudis-and-ethiopia

The Saudis have been radicalizing the hinterland and are now militarizing the borderlands i.e. the Red Sea and the rest of it. The only difference this time around is the unambiguous projection of hard power. Africa needs to elevate the Saudi menace to the top of its security agenda and galvanize regional instruments and mechanisms towards disabling this existential threat.

As is usually the case I was asked to give a presentation on Jihadist movements in Africa. Seeing statements such as the new Saudi threat to Ethiopia or the Horn of Africa by regional observers gave me an abrupt comeback to the same urgings I have been making for more than a decade about what I call as Corporate Radicalization, that is Saudi Arabia and the threat it poses to the region. It also gave me a rush of intense memories and emotions, for it was here that I spent the last fifteen years. So, this presentation, though provoked by a talk I recently gave at a forum provided by Wilton Park and African Leadership Centre might look very personal.

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I Love the U.N., but It Is Failing http://www.currentanalyst.com/index.php/opeds/226-i-love-the-un-but-it-is-failing http://www.currentanalyst.com/index.php/opeds/226-i-love-the-un-but-it-is-failing Anthony Banbury

Six years ago, I became an assistant secretary general, posted to the headquarters in New York. I was no stranger to red tape, but I was unprepared for the blur of Orwellian admonitions and Carrollian logic that govern the place. If you locked a team of evil geniuses in a laboratory, they could not design a bureaucracy so maddeningly complex, requiring so much effort but in the end incapable of delivering the intended result.

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It is all Negative Energy: How External Mediation Becomes the Actual Problem. http://www.currentanalyst.com/index.php/conflictsregional/225-it-is-all-negative-energy-how-external-mediation-becomes-the-actual-problem http://www.currentanalyst.com/index.php/conflictsregional/225-it-is-all-negative-energy-how-external-mediation-becomes-the-actual-problem

Peace making and peace building in Africa is on the edge of disaster. It is obvious where the road they(Africa's peacemakers) are on would lead, but those in charge of the task could not (or would not) see it. IGAD leaders continued to engage in the habitual attempts at ‘peace making’ efforts without recognizing and/or discerning what mistakes they had made and how they could keep from making them again. As a result the story of President Kiir’s doomed military and political position has been replaced by the story of his inevitability as the real decider in the peace process.

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Islamists and Commercial Banks http://www.currentanalyst.com/index.php/opeds/224-islamists-and-commercial-banks http://www.currentanalyst.com/index.php/opeds/224-islamists-and-commercial-banks

A debate is raging in Somaliland on the issue of Commercial Banks. The historical and contemporary aspects of the debate are caught by Adem Musa Jibril (below). But here is my take:Such a discourse is long overdue and Somaliland should not have been hard-pressed to stick to a pathetic financial order. The argument by Islamists not to allow Commercial Banks in Somaliland on religious grounds is, to say the least, disingenuous. It is manifestly insincere to apply a peculiar standard to Somaliland while Commercial banks do exist in other Muslim countries, even in those who claim to be the forbearers of radical Islam: from Saudi Arabia to Egypt. Islamists should not be allowed to push Somaliland into political and economic obscurity.

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South Sudan : power to the most violent or survival of the crookedest ? http://www.currentanalyst.com/index.php/conflictsregional/222-south-sudan--power-to-the-most-violent-or-survival-of-the-crookedest-- http://www.currentanalyst.com/index.php/conflictsregional/222-south-sudan--power-to-the-most-violent-or-survival-of-the-crookedest--

What can we make from this comedy of errors where almost not one of the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle seems to fit its supposed neighbour ? The possibility is of course of a grand replay of all the previous failed peace agreements , complete with massacres in the streets of Juba and a return to fighting in the three northern provinces.

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The African Union’s Coercive Diplomacy in Burundi http://www.currentanalyst.com/index.php/opeds/221-the-african-unions-coercive-diplomacy-in-burundi http://www.currentanalyst.com/index.php/opeds/221-the-african-unions-coercive-diplomacy-in-burundi

The Current Analyst has been arguing in favour of early action. The urge emanates from the believe that a major gap in conflict prevention in Africa has been the unnecessary focus on the technicalities, both at policy and institutional levels, of “Early Warning”. A lot of money and energy has been spent on “Early Warning” in the last two decades but there has never been a qualitative change in Africa’s response to crisis situations. “Early Warning” is meaningless without “Early Action”. The need for early action in Burundi is as controversial as it is immense.

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