Paul Amar

The nationalistic Armed Forces want to restore their honor and they are disgusted by police corruption and baltagiya brutality. And it seems that the military, now as “national capitalists,” have seen themselves as the blood rivals of the neoliberal “crony capitalists” associated with Hosni Mubarak’s son Gamal who have privatized anything they can get their hands on and sold the country’s assets off to China, the US, and Persian Gulf capital.

Months back the CA wrote the brutality of the security services in Egypt, mainly the police force will have dangerouse consequences(. It also noted that the reform of the security services in North Africa or the Maghreb is long overdue.The governance of the security sector is central to peace and democratic transition in the Arab world. To this effect, the best chance for Egypt would be for the military to play the role of guarantor of democracy and the Muslim brotherhood to mutate into moderate Islamists like in Turkey. In any case,the reform of security institutions in critical and it has now become unavoidable.

In this context the currentanalyst website presents the article by Paul Amar below which details the interplay between the security institutions and the current crisis in Egypt.

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