I Love the U.N., but It Is Failing

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Anthony Banbury

Six years ago, I became an assistant secretary general, posted to the headquarters in New York. I was no stranger to red tape, but I was unprepared for the blur of Orwellian admonitions and Carrollian logic that govern the place. If you locked a team of evil geniuses in a laboratory, they could not design a bureaucracy so maddeningly complex, requiring so much effort but in the end incapable of delivering the intended result.

Go to the Currentanalyst Blog http://www.currentanalyst.com/blog/?p=231 to read the full  text.

I find the testimony remarkably akin to my own observation and appraisal of Intergovernmental Organisations particularly global and continental bodies. go to http://currentanalyst.com/index.php/opeds/106-in-search-of-the-aus-moral-foundations to access one of them. It is like saying I love the AU,but it is a Disaster. To the extent it remains aspirational no hard feelings though.



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