Saudi Arabia: A Devil’s Chaplain in the Syrian War.

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While the world talks about a negotiated settlement, the Saudis increase military support and drum up regime change. This is to say the least a devastating blow to all Syrians and the future of the country. A negotiated peace may well be the best way to avoid a complete collapse of the Syrian state. Mindful of the disastrous precedent of Iraq, even many die-hard Assad opponents hope the basic structure of the state will remain intact, though without Assad and his senior lieutenants. A negotiated peace would also provide a chance of ensuring the security of all Syrians, without regard to the sectarian animosities now dividing the country. The Saudis wouldn’t care. As always their dogged insistence on violence and regime change is jeopardizing regional peace and stability.

Well,I couldn't agree more. Who did say Saudi Arabia is the most irresponsible country,with the most irresponsible foreign policy and the most irresponsible leadership around? To read the full text go to the blog

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