• The Dreadful Situation in the Central African Republic: What is Wrong with the World?

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    After a series of killings and bloodshed the Central African Republic/CAR/ remains divided along religious lines, with a government-controlled, Christian-dominated south and a Muslim, rebel-controlled north. Indeed the conflict in the CAR has reached exhaustion and killings might be slowing down mainly because the anti-Balaka have almost completed the eviction and terrorization of the Muslims. The Currentanalyst has prepared several briefings on this terrible development but the situation remains horrible.

    Last Updated on Wednesday, 04 November 2015 12:07
  • Why Burundi Exposes the Crisis in the Slogan 'Regional Solutions to Regional Problems' in Africa

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    A recent report on the crisis in Burundi by the Rift Valley Institute (attached below) details the nature of the crisis in the tiny Great Lakes country. But first here is my take: Burundi is in a perpetual crisis which is a tragedy in and in itself. But the crisis goes beyond Burundi and challenges the role of Africa’s regional organisations and questions their legitimacy.

    Last Updated on Monday, 12 October 2015 11:07
  • Body Count

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    The 21st century has seen a loss of innocent civilian life at an unprecedented scale, especially in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. No figures are known for mental disorders involving military personnel who have been deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Officially ignored are casualties, injured or killed, involving enemy combatants and civilians? Nobody should even dare to ask the question whether it was worth it!

    Last Updated on Friday, 11 September 2015 14:52
  • Al-Shabaab has changed its tactics. AMISOM must do so too

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    The truth, as of now, is that AMISOM and Somali soldiers are far from defeating al-Shabaab, and concerns have been raised around their operational capabilities. In Somalia, holding the towns is not the key to the countryside. Holding the countryside is the key to the towns. Such is the analysis of Muhyadin Ahmed Roble-in African Arguments- the currentanalyst finds it timely and revelatory of the developing military situation in Somalia.

    Last Updated on Friday, 02 October 2015 18:44
  • US-China Relations Approaching a Curve

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    Editors note:

    China has launched its White Paper, a rarity in the conduct of Chinese foreign policy. The document signifies increasing confidence and a new focus on image and global reputation. The developmental aspects of the strategy also reflect China’s aspiration to change the traditional perception that China is only in Africa for its natural resources. Never underestimate the impact of a barrage of criticism against Beijing by an increasing number of African scholars in recent years.


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